Smoked Bacon


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Smoked Bacon

Miller’s Quality Meats produces bacon locally in Butler PA and offers a special hickory smoked product utilizing Seaboard Farms Pork Bellies.

About Seaboard Farms Pork Bellies

Superior Genetics
It all starts at our breeding barns, where our team of genetics experts selects for the optimum genetic traits of both our male and female pigs. Because we own our boars and our sows, we can conduct ongoing, in-depth research over generations so we maintain strict genetic control of our herd. Our emphasis on science allows us to produce pork with a consistent appearance, texture and flavor with uniform marbling. With Seaboard Foods, our customers and consumers can be confident in always receiving high-quality pork with consistent attributes.

Customized Nutrition
Working with animal nutritionists, we’ve developed 15 proprietary grain-based rations, as well as specially formulated vitamin packs, that help to support pig health and optimize the color, consistency, tenderness and flavor of our pork. We take pride in offering high-quality pork that meets our customer needs and consumer preferences.